No Man’s Sky is destroying my productivity

I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky on the PS4 recently. And it is destroying my productivity. Between work, life and exploring the solar system my reading and writing has fallen onto the back burner. This is bad. But the game is amazing. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding it, especially the PC port, but so far the PS4 seems to me a calm, clear island in the storm. It’s free of the game breaking issues players on the PC have been experiencing.

I tried not to buy into the hype in the lead up to the game’s release, but I was expecting something pretty amazing all the same. Thus far I haven’t been disappointed. The scale and scope of the game is incredible. It is the game I always wanted as a kid, but never quite realised. I remember playing an old game, Freelancer, published by Microsoft Game Studios years ago, and wondering why there weren’t more games like it. This, to me, is the next evolutionary step for space-faring games, it is leaps and bounds ahead of anything I’ve ever played in this genre.

I’m aware others have tired of it, finding the gameplay or exploration repetitive, I can’t help but feel glee though, entering a new solar system populated with untouched, unexplored planets. Documenting new specimens of flora and fauna, harvesting minerals, upgrading ships and technology. Exploring abandoned sites and meeting aliens. I am hopelessly addicted to it. I can’t stop collecting and exploring. It’s becoming a mania. My favourite aspect at the moment is the language. The alien linguistics you learn piece by piece as you uncover small pieces of information about the civilisations that have come before and ruled the stars. It is ridiculously compelling, but also soothing. I find myself zoning out, exploring and absorbing it all in an almost meditative state.

I’m going to have to start rationing this game out, more than I already have, or I’m never going to get anything done. Games like this are dangerous when you have work to do. Let alone attempting to write a book, keep a blog up to date and work through stacks of unread books. It’s a good problem to have though. Too many compelling and interesting worlds to explore are always better than not enough.

Next post will be about the book I finished reading this afternoon.

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