Blood Meridian is a blood soaked must read

Coming off the elegant and hopeful beauty of Station Eleven, this next book was a shock to the system. I really could not have picked something more different to follow with, but it was worth it.

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is the darkest and most disturbing book I’ve read in recent memory. I went into this familiar with other McCarthy books like The Road and No Country for Old Men, but it still managed to shock and unsettle me. Blood Meridian is a world populated with people that are desperate, violent, and dangerous and utterly without mercy. It is a Western, and by that I mean it is set in the borderlands of the Old West, but comparisons and parallels end there. This book is a chilling account of practices and actions during this period, a descent into the dark unexplored regions of brutality and blood that choked people attempting to subsist there.Read More »