Dragon Quest VII is here!

Dragon Quest VII is finally here. The adventure begins! The long wait for the pal region release on Nintendo 3DS is over. I’ve been dying for some Dragon Quest in Australia and for a while I honestly thought I’d never see it. Other franchises have always overshadowed it and greedily consumed what market share is available; behemoths like Final Fantasy, for example. This lead to a lack of faith in the franchises ability to sell to western audiences. A view that was compounded by the relatively niche demand for JRPGs here and poor sales in the past. I’ve always loved the game style and the stories of this genre. Square was a nexus point for me as a kid for great RPGs. Back before the prevalence of the Internet and the ability to Google things, seeing the emblem of a publisher on a game case that I knew had released good games, of a certain genre, counted for a lot. Read More »

Should you play Bloodborne? Yes. You should.

bloodborneI’ve been a huge fan of From Software’s games since being introduced to Demon’s Souls on the PS3 many years ago. I had never heard of them or their legacy, but the bleak and brutal world was amazing. I hadn’t seen anything like it. Then Dark Souls came along. I’ve been an ardent fan of Souls games ever since. The whole thing felt like it was made for me. So, when I heard about Bloodborne, I was apprehensive about the thematic shift.

If I had known what I know now I would have bought a PS4 on the spot. I went into the game blind and I’m very glad that I did. Read More »