You Must Read The Passage Trilogy

The Passage series of books by Justin Cronin is the best trilogy in fiction today. There, I said it. Cronin’s post apocalyptic American vampire epic is one of the most staggering literary achievements I’ve encountered. The strength of the characters, the clarity of the prose and the immensity of the story from beginning to conclusion are incredible accomplishments. I finished The City of Mirrors, the third and final instalment last night, and I’m still thinking about it. It was a sobering, breathtaking and harrowing conclusion.

The story isn’t so much a window into the narrative of a certain place, at a certain time like most fiction; this series gives the sense of a continued presence, as we watch the course of lives and even civilisations play out on the pages. The scope of this series and the fullness of these events are something that few books manage to achieve. Cronin writes vividly, generously and with a clarity that makes building a rapport and emotional investment effortless. It makes you a part of it, involved as an observer of a living breathing world. Read More »